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Did you know Puglia is the home of Padre Pio, Saint Nicolas, beautiful landscapes, & stunning cities?

Did you know it is also the home of two UNESCO world heritage sites?

Join us as we reveal to you the culture, cuisine and the many hidden facets of the heel of Italy.

So where do we begin? How do I take you into this world of the wind, sea and sun?

I suppose I could start with the facts. There are 6 provinces from north to south Foggia, Barletta Andria Trani, Bari, Brindisi, Taranto, and Lecce which make up the Region of Puglia.

Lets not forget, this enchanting region of Southern Italy has a wide cultural base stemming from migration, invasion, trade, the land, and sea itself. Due to this you have a deep and many layered history in the region.

For me that history would be reason enough to visit, but that's not all Apulia, as on many english maps, has to offer. One also gets festivals (including a medieval tourney), natural phenomena (the caves are well worth going to and only one of many things to see), historical sites, and pilgrimage sites.

Ohhh the food, it has such a wide diversity. This was part of the region known as the garden of the Romans. There is an area between Bari and Foggia that was heavily used for growing different types of grain. Then you have "Frutta di Mare" (seafood). Often eaten "crudo"(raw) and so delicious in its season. There are pasta and pastries that are regional and provincial specialities that just wonderful to taste.

To go with that food is excellent caff√©, wines, liquors, and the soft sweet water of the aqueduct system. 

Where is Puglia?
Where is Puglia? Occasionly someone knows where Puglia is on a map. Though they usually don't much about the area, We do.
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